Expat health insurance from €72 a month
Get insured and covered for your visa in 2 minutes and cancel anytime.
Get covered
Who is this for?
New arrivals
Expats, newbies, and transplants. Non employed persons who are just getting started in Germany.
Visa seekers
Anyone applying for their first visa or residency permit where health insurance is required.
Language or coding school students and University students who can’t get public coverage.
“Mini jobbers” or interns
Anyone earning less than €450 per month that doesn’t qualify for public coverage.
Post doctorates and researchers
Highly trained professionals who are neither university students or employees and don’t qualify for public coverage.
What is expat health insurance?
Expat health insurance is coverage designed for your first year in Germany. It’s good, affordable coverage that fulfills the legal requirements for obtaining your visa, work permit or resident card. Signing up is simple and payments are made month by month. Canceling is easy and can be done anytime with just one click.
What’s covered?
You have an accident playing football and hurt yourself. Your policy will cover the costs for any procedures or treatments necessary.
Serious illness
You become afflicted by a virus, disease or infection and need care. Your expat health policy covers the necessary treatment, hospitalization costs and medications.
Ambulance Transport
Should you need to be transported via ambulance, this insurance policy will cover the ambulatory costs.
If an injury or sickness requires you to be transported back to your home country, your expat insurance policy will cover the removal costs.
Dental check ups - *Advanced only
Preventative check ups provided and paid for up to 200 euros/year.
Glasses or contacts - *Advanced only
Visual aids such as glasses or contacts provided and paid for up to 200 euros/year.
Other policies available
Household-Contents Insurance
Protect your dearest stuff. From €2.5 / month
Private Liabiliy
Get covered for €4 a month
Private Health Insurance
Thinking of going with private insurance? Let’s talk about your options.
Public Health Insurance
Standard health insurance for Germany
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